About these scribbles

I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I remember. In fifth grade, when I still lived in the Czech Republic, I won a local creative writing contest. After we moved to the US, when I was in seventh grade, I won a writing contest – the topic was “Americanism and what it means to me. ” It was pretty easy for a kid who immigrated from a communist country to tackle that topic. In high school I chose AP classes over journalism classes because I learned that most journalists don’t make any money. In college I wrote a ton of papers for my political science major, but I am not sure that counts as actual training to be a writer. After college, I got a boring job, then I became a mom, and now I am older and …well, here goes nothing! I am writing. Hence the “scribbles” – title of blog.

In Bikram Yoga, the “half moon pose” is one of the first poses in a series of 26. If you don’t know, Bikram Yoga is 26 specific yoga poses practiced in the same order in hot yoga room. It’s hard. It leaves you completely drenched with sweat. It’s an awesome workout. The half moon pose is in the simplest terms a two legged standing pose, an opening of the entire upper body which results in a stretch of the upper body to the right and to the left.

so here I am, stretching and opening myself up. Hence, Half Moon Scribbles. My writing is like my yoga practice: trying my best, practicing it one day at a time, taking deep breaths, listening to my body, getting better with practice.

Women who have inspired me to go for it:

Brene Brown

Tara Mohr

Elizabeth Gilbert